Goodbye Club Penguin Hello Minecraft and youtube bloopers and more kirby and better website format

The old Cappy Community is gone!!!

and back with much cooler stuff!!!

We’ve added minecraft to our website also we will put all of our YouTube bloopers here

we will also add more stuff about the actual name of our website, Cappys!

also we’re going to add a better website format (IN PROGRESS)

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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Sd card transferer!

Finally I’ve got my SD card transferer I’ll make a page to keep up all of the stuff I missed out earlier!

~Cappy Community

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Fav Vids!

Here is my selection of my favourite videos! The titanic in 5 seconds: Pikachu song: Nyan Sonic: funny Cp ban:

Check this post regularly because I’ll add more vids!

~Cappy Community

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Long Time No See!

Well hi guys I haven’t posted in quite a long time and I’ll tell you why!

I’ve been trying to find out stuff behind the scenes on Club Penguin I’ve got no luck so far but when I do i’ll definitely inform you!

So Bye!

~Cappy Community

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A Long Post!

Because I’ve came back from my holiday I need to tell you loads of stuff! (You have to read all of this post)  First of all I’ve found 6 strangers whilst I was on holiday and I had never met one before here are the names of the strangers in order First cj Then it was Ellie¥•*[3 After that it was Jess Next Rach Then sponge bob and last epicginger! Its been Stranger mania for me!!! Next up I’ll show you all the Cp posts which I missed!

~Cappy Community

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Oops I Forgot to tell you!

I accidentally forgot to tell you that I’m on holiday somewhere so I can’t post (well I can on my phone but that takes hours even though this was made on ma phone!)
So bye!

~Cappy Community
P.S Today I met my second streetpass stranger!!!
Thanks Ellie¥•*[3 for being there so I can meet you!
oh also some of the icons in her name are wrong because you
can only get them on the 3Ds so I had to change some! bye!

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Cappy Community, Cp, Saraapril and Monocho Posts

I’m going to posts club penguin posts so when you see one don’t be like ‘whats up with that?!’ and also maybe some Monocho and Saraapril posts!

and last but not least before i go i want to show you an emoji i found:


~Cappy Community 8)

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I’m back / ads

So first of all I’m back! (YAY! I can make edits now!)

and second some of you might of noticed monocho commented on my site

and I’m just saying I would like to say thanks to monocho and please could you go on his website it would definitely get him more viewers!

here is his website address:

its all about club penguin like mine! 😀

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